Big Brain and Little Heart

Unusual emotions were nonsensical yesterday
Ironically it makes a lot of sense today
It is funny, how growing changes you
The things you used to run away from, are the things you chase today
And its scary how everything contradicts the younger you as you become wiser

While your little heart still figuring out the source
Those unusual emotions run at godspeed inside your big brain
When you feel vulnerable in heat of the moment
You look for a warm handshake but sometimes all you get is the cold look

The year is full of vulnerabilities
With expressing louder as the only mojo
You want to let them know how important they are for you
But you can’t do much because days can tangle more

Sad part is that you don’t know where you stand
After all, working on extremes is not-so-good a way to live
It adds anger to your commotion
And bitterness to your thoughts and actions

Everyone wish they can have it all
But settling down for less is the need of this hour
If inextinguishable fire is burning in your big brain
All you need is sweet water for your little heart

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