I Thought You’re “The One”

In my head, I played with the idea
That you’re a special one
In my heart, I saw
That I emotionally connected to you
I imagined you and I discovering new places
And living a worthy life

Your presence was my sun
Your voice was my caffeine
Your anger brings an unexpected smile
And your calling opens up my closed mind
But your emotionless face frustrated me to the core

You give me kick to travel
You inspire me to build my dreams
You were in my life for a short interval
I wish I’d have shared more memories
I wish I’d have shared more of me
And I wish I have known more of you

When I look back to those weeks
You were a blessing to my life
Will remember you always
Even if are oceans apart
And your name will always be on my lips

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want
Sometimes life has other plans
Sometimes life tells you to give up
And I curse life for what she’d done
But life is beautiful and it keeps on going
This time without you
And I give my best to both of you

In my head, in my heart
You are the person, I wish I’d have
Love is majestic
And I would love to love again


P.S. Inspired by the song “Atlantis” by Seafret.

Say Something

Waiting & waiting to see you open your heart
To see your face signing off my lost arc

You said our love is divine
You said we would never fall out
And now you claim we are best when apart

My life has taken a 180-degree flip
It’s cold inside as I can’t feel your warmth
My brain is freaking out as I have nobody to talk
And the days of my life are moving too fast

Without you being closer to my soul
My eyes weeps for your unconditional smile
And those dimples when you laugh out loud

Let me feel the anger you are holding in your blood
Say something harsh because thats what I deserve
I drowned in the words I spoke to you
Can’t take heat of the fire I bestowed upon you

I don’t miss you, I am missing from you
I want to slow down to sync with your fast breath
So let’s catch up everything since our unfortunate split

Stop playing hide n seek and talk
Say something, say something and burn that ego down
Say something, say something and wash away all the old clouds

say something

P.S. To all the lost souls 🙂

Unconditional Love


You are mine
Your heart is mine
Your soul is mine
You are mine and only mine

I wish you were here to see me smile
To see my happy face in your beautiful eyes

Sadly our love remained untouched
Unfortunately our love didn’t hit the time
But our unconditional love makes me love you even more

Inspired by: Lana Del Rey – Ride

Like a fish in the sea

Taking on dreams made you who you are
back then you’re a shining light but now
hard and stiff is who you’d become
always pointing out errors outside
and your fun is lost, the real why is lost

Tell me don’t you want to be free
free like a grapevine, free like the tree roots
flowing and flowing and flowing like a fish in the sea

Don’t you want to be laughed at
laughed at to overcome your insecurities
laughed at to unburden given responsibilities
force out the fear of pressure that is pulling you inside
to let your words flow out like a fish in the sea

You always said money is not the truth
sense of values is the truth I root for
and truth is the purpose I live by
I see that your real truth is dead now
and you see truth is the falseness you seem not to care about

Break, break the shackles that holds you back
give away the dreams that holds you back
and feel the love inside your heart

Can you hear, can you hear me
your ears are short and your brain is big
so, I am shouting hard today
listen to me, listen to me please

Without you I feel like I am in space
collapsing and going farther and farther away
my heart explodes in tears watching your state

I can’t bear these emotions any longer
so, I am giving myself one last chance
please come back, please come back
and be like a fish in the sea