The “Entrepreneur” World

Last few weeks feels like I am driving a Ferrari, too fast for my liking. And when things move too fast, I always try to pull back the leash and focus. It helps me to come out of my comfort zone but often leads to confusion and dilemma. Well, it is always like this in the world of any “entrepreneur” or anyone working with a startup. Now I understand why many startups fall back and fail. When things don’t go the way you think, you always feel the need to change. That change cause the fall back and ultimately the result is failure. You feel huge weight, not on your shoulders but on top of your head. Anyway, lets focus on what this post is really about. I am sharing few thoughts and hope some of you can relate to them and relax and even pitch in your thoughts which could help be relax, too. Here we start!

1. Don’t promise too much to your customers/clients. It puts you in a lot of pressure. If you are a type who promise many things then be strong and rub off the negativity that comes along when you fail. #strive_for_improvement

2. When you do too many things, you’ll start forgetting even the simplest of the lot. Here, a good team plays a huge role. Try to talk to them as openly and friendly as you can. Thus, first few team members are very important to a startup’s success. Choose wisely and slowly. #failure_sucks

3. Don’t scale too fast. Many of you would argue but its okay. #world_dominance_is_a_drug 

4. Knowing when to talk and when to zip your lip is important. #go_slow_and_steady

5. When your product is not working, it means its not working. Full stop. #accept_the_reality

6. From time and time, try to feel the weight of your employees. The more they are, the more it is. #be_serious

7. Everyone is trying their best. Nobody wants to fail. #don’t_blame

8. Don’t worry about revenues. #do_the_right_things


P.S. Don’t dwell too much into my thoughts. I am a rookie and these opinions may change 😀


The “Money”

Money is the root cause of very evil prevailing in this very world of misfortunes and of every human upliftment. Sometimes, it makes you hurt your dearest turning them into your enemies, and other times can make your enemies your dearest. Such is an irony of “Money” There is no way you can surpass this misery. It is inevitable. Either you live a life full of miseries created by less/no money. Or you live a life full of money but then it is a powerfully lost life too, lost in the darkness that money charm over you. Middle ground is always hard to achieve in this satirical world of ours.


Patterns – The Hidden Mystery of Mind

Few days back, read news on “Iranian scientist discovered the time machine”. His device can predicts future events of the “next 5-8 years” with 98% accuracy (not sure about its authenticity).

This took me by surprise, a pure shocker. I was not as surprised by the “news” as much with idea of “how we can predict” future. The question is obviously not new but “how on Earth” such thing is possible! If you are not shocked, then you probably need some time alone to think because it just not as simple as it looks.

Onto a quest to answer, I concentrated my thought process on “how mind works” Never, I’d thought so deeply. It was incredible. Nevertheless, getting back to where we’re.


“Recognizing patterns” crossed my mind many times while I was busy figuring out. Thus, to channel it into a hypothesis I analyzed my friends (flatmates) and team members at work. After few days of observation, I come to conclude that everybody follows certain pattern(s) consciously or unconsciously. Patterns are what that lead us to predict few very general things like “someone is coming to talk to us” or “someone is about to call me” or “its gonna rain today” and many others.

To prove the claim:
I did a small experiment on one of my friend. For few days, I followed a pattern i.e. coming home from work at 6:30-6:45 PM and if I’m late then it means I’ve gone to shopping complex. Now one day, I came home at 6:30 but sat in the balcony instead of directly going to my room. I know, he (my friend) has a nasty habit of  (if he knows that one of us has gone there) asking us to buy things for him. I waited for his call and as I assumed he called me at 7:30. I didn’t pick up his call and I went in after some time. He asked: “I called you. I wanted a thing or two from there (shopping complex)”; exactly as I predicted (by the way I knew he needs to buy few things as he told me about it a day earlier).

He was in-fact right as he knew my pattern. But I broke the familiar pattern and followed another. And that’s where our human mind can be defeated. All the talk about predicting future is right. It is based on calculations, analyzing day to day activities happening around the world and keeping tabs on all the latest trends. Surely, one can predict future after analyzing so passionately. It is a no brainer. But question is: how accurate could it be and that’s pretty tough to answer.


The same logic is applicable to our learning habits. You must have heard: it is comparatively easier for us to learn something new while we’re young. Have you ever thought “why so” I strongly believe the answer lies in patterns. As we get old, our brain get accustom to certain patterns. Thus, when we try something new, we feel embarrassed or shy or may feel that someone inside our brain or heart telling us not to. That is a repulsive mechanism used by brain to make us stick to old patterns.

Now, that’s how we learn languages. It depends on environment we’re brought up in. For say if we’re brought up in a British family, we would be frequent in English, if in an Indian family then Hindi, and if some other family then some other language. All this is possible because our mind is very good at recognizing and hard wiring itself on those patterns. That’s how we all grow. Actually, it is good. It protects us from many troubles but also stop us from learning new things esp. in old age.


Sports, too, follow patterns to recognize future stars. They (sports) are continuously able to produce great athletes, tennis players, and football players year after year. “Why” because they believe in evolution; they believe that past can be nurtured into present to produce future. But “how”

I don’t know about other sports but in football: Each club has a team of scouts; placed in different countries, keeping their eyes on hundreds of club matches to find young talents. They recognize patterns such as “how a player kicks” “how he moves” “how he behaves on field” “how he encourages his team members” “what he do when his team loses” and it help them to find “future Ronaldo or future Messi”. Obviously development plays a huge role but until you recognize them at young age you just can’t produce future superstars.

So, does this applicable to businesses? Yes, probably. Let’s consider Auto Industry.

Q. Did you see girls riding bike often?
A. No. “why”

It looks awkward. But “why”! because bike’s personality suits males more than it does females, I guess. But again “why is it so”

Hypothesis: It is a pattern, too. Q. How it become a worldwide pattern?
Males were more outgoing in earlier days, for some reasons, and hence we saw only males riding bikes. Since, it was a pattern in past, you probably allow your son more than your daughter to ride a bike to avoid social stigma, today. But the rise in female equality saw a significant rise in need among them for a daily transport. Since riding bike was related to males (as explained earlier) someone had to come up with a solution. Auto industry was/is smart. They recognized it and introduced scooty for females. It goes with their personality i.e slim, sexy, cute and curvy.


1. Most of the products, out in the market today are result of some mind-boggling analysis of consumer patterns.

2. If you’re good at recognizing patterns then anything is possible: from developing yourself and your career, to introducing new consumer products and even to predicting future events.

3. God does exist: our brain is a fucking creation. And it can’t be a coincidence.

4. There is nothing as “deja-vu”. Everything has a purpose; depends how quickly we recognize it.

5. Break few patterns to learn how they work. You’ll be mesmerized.

3 Women: So Far, So Good

Before this topic starts to misguide and gives any wrong impression, let me tell you it’s a serious post. I’m not that kind of person, you know. The 3 women under spotlight are: grandma, mom, and my mentor. So, let’s begin my story: So far, so good, to see how they’ve directed me over the years.


Mom: She is the live example of “NEVER GIVE UP” ideology. Life is tough, be tougher. Inspite of two heart surgeries, she does almost every task at home till this day. Reason: she wants to make herself feel strong and capable of doing everything; totally incredible, I must admit. “Growth” and “development” make up her DNA strands; always going, always improving. She never stops learning. I’m most influenced by her “talk less and set example, if you want others’ respect and consideration” and “prove yourself that you can achieve much more” attitude. My belief in God, kindness and compassion is because of her and her only. She is the most humane person, you would ever encounter.

Grandma: We call her “Daadi” (a Hindi word for Grandma). A very strong, level-headed and straight-forward woman. I came close to her in second better half of my childhood. She never left a chance to provide us her views on society and pushes to pursue an independent thinking, no matter what’s the situation. Though, there are many other countless life lessons but ones, which I respect most, are: “don’t just sit at home; go out into the world, get your hands dirty, live life and learn from it” and “never judge others, even if they oppose”.

Quark mentor: Laveena is her name. I still remember the day I was assigned to her team. She, at first look, seemed very tough headed girl and almost scared the hell out of me (I confessed later on and believe me that moment was fun) But soon realized how good she is at handling people. She always said: set your priorities straight. Sounded funny in 1st year but then that is “the” advice, I always recall in tough times. Motivated me to take major decisions and positions. Now, when I look back, Quark was “the” life changing experience, and credit goes to her.

Well, here comes a bang!
There is a fourth influence too. I haven’t mentioned in the title but she “was” a hidden motivation behind blogging. I found my love for writing because of her (I won’t give any further appreciation :-/ ). Those who know would literally laugh at this one. Hack what! I don’t care much.

Over the years, I learned a lot from them and still trying my best to apply and see them through in life. They hold me firm whenever my back is against the wall and always call for “getting shit together” on not-so-good days. As first phase of my life is coming to an end in few months’ time (engineering), I would like to dedicate this blog post to them, as they’ve given me a purpose.

PS. Quark is my college’s technical festival 😀

That Moment was Infinite

I was bored. Working on laptop all through the day is tiring. I love when everything around is moving so I can observe and learn. Keeping this thought, I went to my apartment’s 1st floor. We’ve a small park there. It was 7:30 pm; buzzing with kids, playing as if they are infinite, which you and I’ve forgotten a long ago. Nevertheless, with earphones into my ears, I sat down, to enjoy and see what those kids are up-to.

Scene-1: Two girls playing Hide n’ Seek:

This was really intriguing. Why so? Both were repeating their play! At first, I called it a coincidence. Then, I followed their play for 10-15 mins, to make a right consensus. And it was overtly exciting and enthusiastically interesting to watch them hiding at the same place again and again. It must not be a coincidence, don’t you think. Yes, it’s not.

Here is what I learn: For those two girls, seeking is never the fun part. It’s boring for them and rightly so. Re-enjoying the thrill of finding her friend in the end, is what they really seek. To make it clear, let assume: after a long time, you are visiting your family. The commute is long and you are sitting in your car, waiting for “the” moment, when you hug your parents, brothers, or sisters again. And that moment, when you actually hug them, is infinite. And those two girls, as I understand, want that sensation of being infinite again and again.

Scene-2: A bunch of 4 kids helping an another kid with his bicycle:

This was an eye opener. A boy, in a vibrant red t-shirt, was having trouble with his bicycle’s paddling chain. He was really confused, with no-one around to help. Then, there was a bunch of 4 kids, who were playing on other side. I can’t say how they found out that this other kid needs some help but all 4 quickly came and pulled him out of his dilemma. They all smiled in the end. And those smiles, for me, was “the” moment of being infinite.

What I learn out of this: Everyone needs help. Life is a cycle. You help others, they help you in return and this way harmony remains intact. Thus, we all must put our hands forward for help, when we see others in trouble and doubts.

Scene-3: Five-six girls dancing all round the park:

I was confused, to be true, on seeing a girl, in a lively pink color dress, asking other kids to group and join hands. She instructed them something, that I didn’t hear. But what happened afterwards, was completely mesmerizing: they all started dancing; hustling and making their own way; bringing smiles to everyone watching them.

What they teach me: Be a leader in your life. Make others feel special about themselves. Group, hustle and enjoy together because such moments don’t come often.

Conclusion: This post is not about how kids make us learn. It’s about those small moments, when you feel you are the happiest person on Earth. So, take some time out of your busy schedule to re-group with your friends, family. I bet, in the end, you would’ve many memories to cherish and learn.

we are infinite

I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite. – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

7-Lessons from Harry Potter

I revisited my “Harry Potter” collection a few days back. It was just a routine commute over the dusted folder. As you can foresee, from my peachy tone, I was just expecting some fun but it tottered my thoughts more than I’d wished for. Nevertheless, it arose as a panacea to my search for some life learning and believe me, coming lessons worth a plunge.

1) Find your own wand:
A wizard, before diving into a world of magic, needs to find his own wand to evoke energy. The more powerful his energy is, the more powerful would be his spell. Likewise, before you bustle your way into this helter-skelter society, you first find your own thoughts and resolute your actions. That’s your wand. And similar to the previous contour: the sturdier your thoughts are, the more overt your impact would be. But the question is: Do we choose our thoughts or they choose us? Its for you to think!

2) Sorting Hat:
Remember that infallible hat; sorting young wizards at Hogwarts. God! I wish we’ve it at our schools and colleges. But why I say so: People having similar personality (by similar personality I mean how they process thoughts and behave in certain manner in different circumstances) should be brought and grown together as a team assiduously. Doing so, would ensure a confident and strong environment for learning. We learn by various methods. Some learn by reading, some by writing and others by listening. If we are able to distinguish each type (which is, no doubt, an onerous task with young flittering minds) then we can form a community where everyone’s talent can be acknowledged and may be, there is more harmony in such a structure.

3) Invisibility cloak:
Gifted by a father to his son, Harry Potter. He used it either as a shield in dire situations or to get cognizance on something obnubilate. In a quandry everybody needs an invisibility cloak to umber any kind of attenuation. By now, you might be thinking what or who could be my “invisibility cloak”. I say: your face. Yes! your face, your expressions, as they can outdo any imminent maim. And till the time you’re not ready to take on, you can fake it rather than withdrawing.

4) The Mirror:
It shows nothing more or less than the deepest and most desperate desires of our heart. It gives you neither knowledge or truth. Men have wasted away in front of it. Even gone mad” Prof. Dumbledore told  Harry Potter. “The Mirror” as I named it, in real life could be our big dreams or high expectations. I’m not at all suggesting having high standards is abject but don’t let them hamper your short-term milestones.

5) Expecto Patronum:
A powerful charm to counter Dementors, the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, and hope out of the air around them. We too, face dementors in our real lives (known as goons). To outgun them, like Harry did, we need to invoke a staunch memory from our past. Meaning: whenever one is shrouded by dejection and pessimism, he should focus on good things that happened to him and be awesome instead.

6) Pensieve: To connect dots between what happened, what’s happening and what can happen, Dumbledore usually siphons decisive memory from his mind and pour it into Pensieve (a basin). Similarly, on being rebuffed in a critical situation, instead of hunkering himself, one should try writing the new experience in his annals for future prudence.

7) Horcrux: Voldemort, hid a fragment of his soul in objects to attain immortality. In real world, immortality comes from materialistic things, for say: money. Thus, instead of stockpiling all your money in one bucket, you should consider investments to avoid any beset.


Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power to that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared. –  J.K. Rowling