Online Education

This HOT topic for college undergraduates is getting trendy also among young school students. The new online education cum fashion [atleast for some time, I would say] can be considered a revolutionary breakthrough for education sector. But the question is: Will it be as promising as it sound? I guess, no-one has the answer except future. But we, for sure, can discuss its pros to justify all the hype and cons to see if there are any holes to fill.

First, lets talk on PROS:

   1) May put some breaks on sky-high tuition costs of our leading world-class education centers.

   2) World’s top institutions’ [Harvard/ Stanford/ Berkeley, etc] course material/ video lectures would now be in everyone’s reach.

   3) Students don’t have to invest 4 years [which I consider too much, even if it is for high quality education] of their life in/on one institution and may focus more on hands-on industry learning. Hence, they will be more productive and sharper.

   4) College faculty and administration have to come up with better course structure to enhance their reputation and to attract students.

   5) Parents’ debt may decrease sharply thus helping them to invest in other important issues.

   6) “Educational” savings could be invested into other requirements to ensure a good quality life, which would also boost consumer market.

   7) It, for sure [in my view], will cause complete downfall of coaching cum business centers.

Now look at some CONS:

   1) Market entry in education sector may become explicitly tough, which in return may lead to monopoly by few institutions.

   2) Learnings about human relations/cultures will be very limited.

   3) Some health related issues can also arise as students will spend most of their time in front of a desktop, tablet, laptop, etc.

   4) May hit people who want to(are) seek(ing) teaching as a career.

   5) Parents will play two roles: a parent and a teacher. And this clearly suggest that they have to bear more pressure.

My Final Take: Education could never be a fun without kids

Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.
― Heath L. Buckmaster

P.S: This particular blog is inspired by HBR article on future education