Stranger’s Heart

Some nights hit you hard, in both head and heart
And you feel you are a disappointment
Sometimes you believe, you deserve magic
But you know magic is just an illusion
Just a trick, which seizes all your senses
No, you don’t find magic in everyone
It drops like honey only from the special one

He breathes in her presence
He stares in her eyes as if it’s his last breath
He looks to her for calmness
To see the truth on her face
Sadly the moment always fades away

Days pass by but he fails to tap her rhythm
Confusion oversees his vision and he never sees what’s in front
Some mornings his heart feels the warmth of her nest
But I think his bird is flying high, without knowing his zest

His a stranger’s heart without a home
Still he put a smile, a wide one, when he glances over her soul



The “Money”

Money is the root cause of very evil prevailing in this very world of misfortunes and of every human upliftment. Sometimes, it makes you hurt your dearest turning them into your enemies, and other times can make your enemies your dearest. Such is an irony of “Money” There is no way you can surpass this misery. It is inevitable. Either you live a life full of miseries created by less/no money. Or you live a life full of money but then it is a powerfully lost life too, lost in the darkness that money charm over you. Middle ground is always hard to achieve in this satirical world of ours.


Till you let the spectrum in

The year started with so many hopes, everything was in place for a perfect end to an outstanding journey but when you have lost your charm everything falls like a deck of cards and the worst part is, you can’t stop but to watch it tumble right front of your eyes within seconds. It hurts, isn’t it? certainly it does. As I told this year started.. and it is very persistent so far and gave nothing but dashed emotions, false claims, and everything you pray not to happen to you even in your worst nightmares. I guess I have lost my “Lady’s Luck” that I was so much proud of before. But that’s life many of you would say, just deal with it, why so serious? I accepted that with my arms wide open for the first half of this blunt year as it never happened but the 2nd half is simply obtuse. Lost things, stupid “connecting to server” issues, and thus shedding tears in the midst of.. I don’t know what should I name it. But I believe it’s just the starting because when you decide to travel the path less travelled by, you just can’t expect anyone to push you forward every time you fall back.

I know many of you have felt the same and if not many times then at-least for once in your life but never let your jammed-gears slow you down. Never let any damn!… to lose your identity. To lose who you are. To question yourself. These things do happen and they happen for a reason and my father always tells me: whatever happens, it happens for your good and for good only. So lighten up, don’t feel ashamed, feel free, fly like a bird and e’joy whatever you have now because tough times are hard to buy. And don’t forget to unpack your bags for good new things to come and let the nature believe that you are ready.

At last I want to end with few lines from the song “Spectrum” by Florence:

When we first came here
We were cold and we were clear
With no colours on our skin
We were light and paper-thin
Till you let the spectrum in
And every colour illuminates,
We are shining,
And we’ll never be afraid again