Your Destiny, Your Decision

Just completed season 1 of Perception, a totally a mind-fuck TV series based on a eccentric neuroscientist ( you don’t need to go into details). Continuing; Inspired, which is quite obvious, I decided to read a book on “Psychology”. After searching for a while, I decided to go with Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemansober and for some reason I also tuned to Sober (music song) by Pink and surprisingly it inspired me further to read (don’t know why, but it did somehow)

So, I was reading the book, which indeed, quite interesting and as I was about to read the 11th page, suddenly a thought popped into my lizard brain (here the word inferred from Dexter s07e03). Till now, I know it was just a simple story but I’m very certain that what follows now will definitely make you think. Here is the case I would like to present:

Suppose you are reading a book, a good book with a handful of vocab, and might be difficult too. Nevertheless, imagine yourself reading it. You are reading, and reading, and reading without any pause and suddenly you are hit hard at one point…firstly you are pissed off because you are reading for a long time and for obvious reasons you don’t want to stop just beacuse you can’t understand a phrase, or a clause or simply a word. You google it as you usually do, but still you are unable to justify your thinking. To save your time which everyone does, for the time being, you assumes that it points to something which yes, you don’t know now but for sure you will know after further reading and then you continue.

Think! How many times have you done this before? Also do you notice the behavioral pattern here…inspite of the fact you don’t know something you continued. Why? because you don’t want to miss thrilling facts that you will be experiencing later. And therefore, without a second thought that it may or may not be good, you continued.

What I’m trying to say here is our life is like this and our perception towards life frame “what we are now”. Its really very difficult to implement the same psychology we used earlier while reading a book to your life. Isn’t it tough. It is. I understand but think this way: if you are struck at only one point of you life journey aren’t you missing many interesting things that would fall at your steps if you move further. In this troublesome scenario, discuss with yourself first, if even then you find yourself being hold-up talk your parents, and then finally your friends.

In the process some might be enlighten and would carry on with their lives but many would not. If you aren’t then assume it as a hypothesis with a belief that you can prove it right later on. And do continue reading your life, continue what you were doing before you arrived this point of conflict. Name this point as “Milestone” so that you can remember everytime you think of your past.

But many would argue why should we? Isn’t it be better if we stay there for a bit longer time, till we find solution. And obviously a solution is way better then hypothesis because who knows the assumed hypothesis may prove wrong later on and your whole journey may be based on wrong assumptions. I hope I am making a strong point here.

But to above case many people may argue and would say: What if we lose much of our youth finding out the solution. Is life only about satisfying yourself. Again you can easily find a bunch of people who can contradict that by saying: Life is about making mistakes, making hypothesis and learning from those. This helps even later on if in case we are hit hard again. And that particular moment we may make a strong and a much better hypothesis. Isn’t it. I guess they are also correct. They also make sense. Aren’t they? Yes, they are.

I’m pretty confident that there will be a another set of people who may jump from reading one book to another till they finds the one that interests them. But how much time do we have in this modern era where things change with speed of light to go from one to another, again and again and again.

I could feel, after reading all this, you may be thinking those hypothesis you had or have created in your lives earlier. I don’t know which side you would take. But again I want to move on to the book reading case. Ask yourself again: what would you do if you are knocked off while reading a book? Would you stop reading till you find a relevant answer to the problem or you would assume the problem to be irrelevant that particular time and continue reading so that you could be part of something more extraordinary than a mere problem or you would jump to another book of your like.

If you can find peace with the query I stated above, I’m sure you would be more confident. You would be more happier, and as a result you may smile more often and for certain you will be a better judge of your life. Its just a simple thought but it changes everything: your past, your present and your future. So decide wisely and patiently what you really gonna do.

The dice was rolled the day you were born. Now its only the number you score that matters. Some call it fate, some call it Karma but I call it, a mere decision