Stranger’s Heart

Some nights hit you hard, in both head and heart
And you feel you are a disappointment
Sometimes you believe, you deserve magic
But you know magic is just an illusion
Just a trick, which seizes all your senses
No, you don’t find magic in everyone
It drops like honey only from the special one

He breathes in her presence
He stares in her eyes as if it’s his last breath
He looks to her for calmness
To see the truth on her face
Sadly the moment always fades away

Days pass by but he fails to tap her rhythm
Confusion oversees his vision and he never sees what’s in front
Some mornings his heart feels the warmth of her nest
But I think his bird is flying high, without knowing his zest

His a stranger’s heart without a home
Still he put a smile, a wide one, when he glances over her soul