The Man

Grounded as a rock
The man can’t walk

With sky open wide
The man is looking for a guide

Brain is throwing up many possibilities
The man is busy analyzing all probabilities

Heart seems to be closer to the dream
The man is looking to revive his esteem

Under dim lights penning down the promises
The man is doubting thomases

the man

Image source: DeviantArt

Bad Blood

A ray of blood dripping off your forehead
Gliding over your skin, cautiously passing by your hairline
Showing its edges and curves like a vibrant woman

Now it is touching your silky eyebrow hair
Its soft wet touch refreshes you the way your sweat stimulates you when it meets a sudden rush of air

As the pathless ray of blood moves on, it touches your eyelid
It makes you itch and you close your eyes to make it go away
After you open your itched eyes, what do you see?
Do you see world blooded in red by ruthless killings?
Do you feel hate towards psychopaths and killers or do you empathize with them?
What do you feel, tell me please!

The ray of blood now reaches the right side of your nostrils
And a sudden unwanted aroma numb your brain nerves
Does it smell foul?
What do you smell, tell me please!

Now the ray of blood undesirably takes two different paths
One scratches the right side of your lips, tempting you to taste it
You let your hungry tongue romanticize with the gutted blood
How does it taste? Do you feel like having more of it?
What do you want, tell me please!

The other divided part takes a diagonal cross
And glides past your chin
Is it giving you creeps, goosebumps?

It goes on a roller coaster ride, through your neck
It starts to move slowly for an unknown reason
And finally reaches its destination, that is, your heart

Does it feel bad? Or is the blood bad?
What is your heart telling you at this moment?
Please open up and tell the world
Our ears are open, and we are listening closely

“Warui Chi”

bad blood


Image source: Google Images

I Am Not There

When people I love fall
It hurts because I am not there to offer them my hand

When people I love cry
It hurts because I am not there to wipe off their tears

When people I love tell me that they won’t live long
It hurts because I am not there to tell them that you will live long enough to watch me grow old

When people I love pray for me all the time
It hurts because I forget to call them up and say “hi”



My Mysterious Fox

If stars ever speak to me
I tell them to shine on her face every night

If sun ever speaks to me
I tell him to always give her warmth till dawn

If wind ever speaks to me
I tell her to never let her go out of breath

If rain ever speak to me
I tell her to wash away all her fears and pain

If earth ever speak to me
I tell her to keep her ground strong

If I ever speak to her
I tell her she is the best thing that has happened to me

If she ever speaks to me
I tell her you are my mysterious fox


The Rider

Who am I?
How did I get my name?
What am I here for?
Why do I hate weapons?
What should I do?

I am the Rider
My elder sister gave me this name
She’s the kindest person I know
My tribe people compare the calmness on her face to the night sky
And her glow is more beautiful than the mighty shinning stars

I am the Rider
My beloved people tell me I am here to save my tribe
My father believes I am the child of destiny
My mother thinks I will bring end to these riots
And save hundreds of lives

I am the Rider
I was 4 year old, when I saw people killing each other
I saw swords covered with my brothers’ blood
And arrows piercing through their untouched souls
That day I promised I never pick up any weapon
As weapons bring only tears and loss

I am the Rider
I am very young
And I am afraid of killing
Life has been very kind to me
I have privileges that no one can afford
I have life that everyone dreams off
I don’t want any of this to happen to me
But this is my reality
I can’t shy away from my duty
My tribe expects me to rise up with a bold face
And fight hard to bring home justice
I owe my being to my beloved people
And I will do whatever in my power to support their wishes
Because I am the Rider


P.S. I never thought of writing something out of this draw. A good friend inspired me to bring it to life. And I am thrilled to achieve it. Listen to this brilliant piece of music to feel The Rider.






Zombie, My Zombie!

Oh yeah,
You’re freaking alright,
zombie, my zombie

You got to feel the spark inside,
oh, zombie, my sweet zombie

Or you better stay away,
zombie, my wicked zombie

We should give our all to us,
oh, my zombie, my safety net

It feels good seeing you at nights,
zombie, my evergreen zombie

You’re stuck in my mind like my childhood dreams,
oh, zombie, my obnoxious zombie

The mutual feeling is calmer this time,
zombie, my dear zombie

The weather is pleasant outside
And I don’t need to confess anymore,
oh zombie, my zombie, my zombie


Plot: A middle-aged blues singer, singing a song to her drunken audiences in a bar. “Zombie” here refers to her….Well, I let your imagination decide that 🙂 Do comment on what do you think “Zombie” here means.



When he first laid eyes on her
He felt as drunk as he is on a friday night
And her words were a merry-go-round ride
He was nervous but he laughed out loud
To make her notice him in the big crowd

Her watery blue eyes made him swoon
And they were as round & beautiful as moon
Her eyelashes were stairs for his soul
And he never felt heaven so close

He fell back and forth on her voluptuous curves
Those were enough for his heart to unnerve
He stood his ground to show her he is strong
But she didn’t stay for too long

She was his saturday morning hangover
But it didn’t hurt as he was quick to sober
Last evening was one good night
And he knows there’s always a way to reunite


Say Something

Waiting & waiting to see you open your heart
To see your face signing off my lost arc

You said our love is divine
You said we would never fall out
And now you claim we are best when apart

My life has taken a 180-degree flip
It’s cold inside as I can’t feel your warmth
My brain is freaking out as I have nobody to talk
And the days of my life are moving too fast

Without you being closer to my soul
My eyes weeps for your unconditional smile
And those dimples when you laugh out loud

Let me feel the anger you are holding in your blood
Say something harsh because thats what I deserve
I drowned in the words I spoke to you
Can’t take heat of the fire I bestowed upon you

I don’t miss you, I am missing from you
I want to slow down to sync with your fast breath
So let’s catch up everything since our unfortunate split

Stop playing hide n seek and talk
Say something, say something and burn that ego down
Say something, say something and wash away all the old clouds

say something

P.S. To all the lost souls 🙂

The Curious Case of “Tonight”

Plot: Following poem depicts feelings of an individual, who failed to rise up to his own standard and expectations in past few years. Though he’s quite optimistic and believes in hard work but “tonight” is different for him. “Tonight” he’s feeling a bit low. And this is how the individual chooses to express, to get foul ardor off his chest.

Tonight is different

Give me some hope
Feel trapped, like a bird in the cage
Let me open my wings, tonight

Show me some light
The tunnel seems too long, tonight

Loud your voice
I can’t hear you, tonight

Hold my hand strong
I feel wandered, tonight

Let some air come in
I feel suffocated, tonight

Put some ice on my thoughts
It’s burning inside, tonight

My heart is all right
But mind is restless, tonight

Tonight, reminded those old days
When I was crazy outside

Odd feelings would settle, I know
Time is the healer, I know
You won’t come overnight, I know
Perseverance is the key, I know
But when I can savor you again, I don’t know