What is Hope?

When you are sitting on a piece of cardboard next to a small shop worker in a general compartment on a train and you have nothing on you to protect yourself from cold breeze in middle of a night and then that shop worker tells you his story. He tells you that he has a daughter and he and his wife work hard every day so that their daughter can become a doctor one day, that is hope.

When you tell others that it is going to be okay. Chase your dreams and work on it every single day, that is hope.

When you get out of your comfort zone and pick yourself up to cold call / email as many number of people as you can just to get a solid grip on your dreams, that is hope.

May be you have the best of intentions at heart for other people. May be you want them to be more realistic. May be they are not on a right path at the moment. May be they don’t have financial ability to back their dreams. Don’t ever tell them to give up. Hope is the only thing I, you and every one around us have. Connect people who are in need to your network. Help them get a clear sight of their path. And watch them over so that they can achieve their dreams.

Help is something that you tell a small shop worker in middle of a night sitting next to him in a general compartment on a train, that yes, your daughter is going to be a doctor one day and surely going to make you proud. Yes! that is hope.