That Moment was Infinite

I was bored. Working on laptop all through the day is tiring. I love when everything around is moving so I can observe and learn. Keeping this thought, I went to my apartment’s 1st floor. We’ve a small park there. It was 7:30 pm; buzzing with kids, playing as if they are infinite, which you and I’ve forgotten a long ago. Nevertheless, with earphones into my ears, I sat down, to enjoy and see what those kids are up-to.

Scene-1: Two girls playing Hide n’ Seek:

This was really intriguing. Why so? Both were repeating their play! At first, I called it a coincidence. Then, I followed their play for 10-15 mins, to make a right consensus. And it was overtly exciting and enthusiastically interesting to watch them hiding at the same place again and again. It must not be a coincidence, don’t you think. Yes, it’s not.

Here is what I learn: For those two girls, seeking is never the fun part. It’s boring for them and rightly so. Re-enjoying the thrill of finding her friend in the end, is what they really seek. To make it clear, let assume: after a long time, you are visiting your family. The commute is long and you are sitting in your car, waiting for “the” moment, when you hug your parents, brothers, or sisters again. And that moment, when you actually hug them, is infinite. And those two girls, as I understand, want that sensation of being infinite again and again.

Scene-2: A bunch of 4 kids helping an another kid with his bicycle:

This was an eye opener. A boy, in a vibrant red t-shirt, was having trouble with his bicycle’s paddling chain. He was really confused, with no-one around to help. Then, there was a bunch of 4 kids, who were playing on other side. I can’t say how they found out that this other kid needs some help but all 4 quickly came and pulled him out of his dilemma. They all smiled in the end. And those smiles, for me, was “the” moment of being infinite.

What I learn out of this: Everyone needs help. Life is a cycle. You help others, they help you in return and this way harmony remains intact. Thus, we all must put our hands forward for help, when we see others in trouble and doubts.

Scene-3: Five-six girls dancing all round the park:

I was confused, to be true, on seeing a girl, in a lively pink color dress, asking other kids to group and join hands. She instructed them something, that I didn’t hear. But what happened afterwards, was completely mesmerizing: they all started dancing; hustling and making their own way; bringing smiles to everyone watching them.

What they teach me: Be a leader in your life. Make others feel special about themselves. Group, hustle and enjoy together because such moments don’t come often.

Conclusion: This post is not about how kids make us learn. It’s about those small moments, when you feel you are the happiest person on Earth. So, take some time out of your busy schedule to re-group with your friends, family. I bet, in the end, you would’ve many memories to cherish and learn.

we are infinite

I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite. – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

What I really want?

The video [What if Money didn’t matterinspires me to write about the paths and choices we consider out of emotions, family, friends, and of course, due to sheep like mentality. In the following paras I will give you the reason behind all this and then I will move on to the possible solution(s). So lets begin.

Actually, we are not looking and proceeding things the right way. Seeing people around and listening them makes me ponder two things: are they really that ignorant or they just don’t want people to know about their insecurities. Whatever the answer is, one thing is for sure that is: they are afraid. But afraid of what? We have friends, and family to support and obviously we are not living in countries where any second death can take us away. Then what else it could be? I believe the only thing human race is afraid of is: Losing. And that’s logically correct because nobody wants to lose; “Not to lose” is in our DNA. It is good sometimes but proves fatal while setting up goals, career paths and choices because this behavior is the reason behind our insecurities and that’s why we generally don’t take risks. It tends to make us weak from inside. And since we have been a part of this system for years, seriously! we just can’t expect to turn things around overnight. Even if you try, your mind would tell you “you are wrong to change the things the way they are”. But does this mean we can’t? Let me tell you there is nothing humans can’t do. Think for a moment who would had thought we will go to moon one day and see today, our eyes are on Mars. I know things like that sounds good at reading and especially at writing as many of you would argue. But bear with me for some more time. At the end of it, you might be able to change.

Most of us spend most of our time in finding out what we don’t like or what we don’t want to do? Do you think you ever gonna reach to the answer to that particular question. I doubt you would. There are so many things we hate, so many things we like to jump off right away if they fall in our ways. This approach only makes our lives tougher and as a result we all fall in no-man’s land most of the time. We get struck in a trap, a never ending loop. So what should we do. My answer would be: start thinking “what I really want” instead. It’s much easier this way as I guess our options will be narrowed down. It’s easier also because this way we would be choosing things. And choosing things is far more easier and less confusing then to leave things. But, how can we be sure that we are choosing right ways. I believe following might help you recognizing “what I really want”.

1) Write down all your doubts. Literally anything you can ever doubt about.

2) Think what type of person you are and what type you urge to become i.e the qualities you like to develop [at-least 10 on each] and pen them down in two separate columns

3) On the left, write down “what type person you are” in descending order. That is best thing about you at top and so on.

5) Similarly, on the right, write down “what type you urge to become”

6) Now match “what type person you are” with what you believe you might end up, if you continue to remain the person you are now [Be true to yourself].

7) If none of the options matched then it means you really need to think and think hard about what you doing with your life.

8) The above case is very rare, so don’t worry.

9) After you are done with above steps, strike out the unmatched options and write down the remaining on a fresh piece of paper.

9th step is most important. We are confused most of the time because we think too much on things which are not worthful and thus, we lose focus on the important ones. Therefore, while striking out in the 9th step, we actually are acknowledging thoughts which will not be helping us in moving forward and the ones which would for certain.

So moving on to 10th step….

10) Look at the points [ at the bottom of right side column] and analyse them with their match i.e. “what type person you are” on left side column, as these are the ones which need to be enhanced first.

11) Now comes the most interesting and difficult task i.e. find out the profession/path that goes with all or atleast 90% of the choices left. Once you are done finding that follow it every day without any further doubt and I believe you will soon be successful, happy, wealthy and most importantly in peace with your mind.

Some thoughts act like an anchor, so better cut them down at the right time before they drag you to dearth. Follow your dreams no matter how big or small you think they are and master them to earn at best of your ability