Here is 2012

Few days back I had nothing to write about; no thoughts whatsoever and was confused too but then 2012 came to my rescue.

There are so many things which remain the same every year and only few change. Don’t they?? So lets begin a small journey on this special “New year” eve on those never changing things/situations and the ones we should change this 2012.

Once again a new “new year” but what so special this year.

  • Nothing has changed same old weather, and same family, friends & foes.
  • Same pundits on Star News, AajTak & others predicting future, once again for all.
  • Every 31st Dec, same look-alike parties, and new year shows on Star Plus, Colors, Zee, Sony n all.
  • Not to mention the same old terrorize conjectures by “INDIA TV” on the every first day of every new “new year”.
  • The same favorite notion “End of the World” is the HOTTEST topic on the lisp than any actress, once again among all.

NOTHING has changed, continue…..

  • The same very expectations of parents from their child ready to put his/her first step in school, and college.
  • Same double face politicians waiting for more 1000 crores “Ghotalaas
  • Same old family drama b/w saas-bahu, father-son, brother-brother, sister-sister.
  • At Last, the same new year resolutions which last not even for 2 weeks.

There are so many “same(s)” BUT there is one thing we should change….. IDEOLOGY

GROW one year older this 2012 in thinking, calculations, emotions, habits, attitude, faith and love. Try to understand people more so as to reduce mis-understanding, fights and spread the message of love & respect among all. This year work hard but not to get credit but to learn. Not just feel the pain inside you but also among the people around. Let this year people remembers you for better reasons and acknowledge who you are. Pursue all above and then I am very sure many many happy moments would wait for you in queue to fill your life with warmth and happiness forever.

To end, remembering last few months of 2011 which left me nothing but amazed,  listen – Someone like you by Adele my favorite song this year and I hope it reaches to all those I want.

A very very Happy New Year to all my readers  🙂