An incomplete story

The story which I thought is over is far from getting over.

Many came and left, some stayed for years and some only few weeks.
Few made me feel they are and others, they can’t be.
People say “LOVE” happens without knocking door, but it knocked everything else, except you.
I know you feel the same, so why not you….
Have waited so long, don’t want you off my eyes now.
Can’t forget, even when want to, and can’t look away even when I think to.
Strange, want to talk but no words to speak, don’t want to see but can see only & only you.
Called but no reply, and now every ring seems to be yours.
Now after so many months, eyes still looks for you.
Don’t know where it would take, but hope for a happy end.
Life is long, if we are meant to be together, we will meet again.
For now, time has something else to show.

During travels its always important to keep one thing in mind, when one thing ends, something else begins