CAT ‘n’ Mouse Drama

To final year students, this topic is very evident

You guys may be thinking why “drama”. Either it is a misery for people who in 21st century married a woman named Hindi or a long wait for people who think, they can make their world rock in mere 20 days. Either way its an dilemma. I labelled this dilemma “drama” because it is a theater piece. And very surprisingly and amusingly there are only two cast to enjoy, one is D-“CAT” and the second is Mouse (I mean all of us, who else it could be!). Shockingly no-one, literally no-one have any escape route. Even if you are in your final battle, you still have to amuse yourself, or people would kick you to the curb. Its like a “stamp” you have to have it. Doesn’t it?

So moving on…my so called “drama”, has already been started on 11th Oct. 2012, to be precise and will end on 6th Nov. 2012, by the god’s mercy. The day you buy a ticket for this theater piece you officially become its cast and your friends, family the spectators and you have to perform after-all their money is at stake. Nevertheless, some of the ill-effects of the “drama” rehearsals are as follows:

* A sudden adrenaline rush can make you feel like “I’m the one”
* You start releasing “No one can stop me from being in IIM-A”
* Your room hours will exp. decrease leaving your friends think you are now committed
* You may start hating mess food more than ever which may result rise in your expenditure
* You may find yourself more in the temple among unknown and puzzled people
* Your weight may decrease due to regular ups and downs
* Common topic at the dinner table would be “CAT”, thus increasing your agony
* You friends may start pointing “bhai, tu toh pelega” even if they know your cgpa
* Your focus on java tuts may increase to ease out daily pressure

And on D-day, after fighting a severe battle, where CAT would try every saam daam dand bhed to crack you, you would officially be tagged as victim and this drama for better or worse would be over atleast for some time. My motive here is not to dis-heartened anyone but its my way to amuse myself, and I guess until unless you become “JERRY” and treat CAT as “TOM” you just can’t win.