My Mysterious Fox

If stars ever speak to me
I tell them to shine on her face every night

If sun ever speaks to me
I tell him to always give her warmth till dawn

If wind ever speaks to me
I tell her to never let her go out of breath

If rain ever speak to me
I tell her to wash away all her fears and pain

If earth ever speak to me
I tell her to keep her ground strong

If I ever speak to her
I tell her she is the best thing that has happened to me

If she ever speaks to me
I tell her you are my mysterious fox


The Rider

Who am I?
How did I get my name?
What am I here for?
Why do I hate weapons?
What should I do?

I am the Rider
My elder sister gave me this name
She’s the kindest person I know
My tribe people compare the calmness on her face to the night sky
And her glow is more beautiful than the mighty shinning stars

I am the Rider
My beloved people tell me I am here to save my tribe
My father believes I am the child of destiny
My mother thinks I will bring end to these riots
And save hundreds of lives

I am the Rider
I was 4 year old, when I saw people killing each other
I saw swords covered with my brothers’ blood
And arrows piercing through their untouched souls
That day I promised I never pick up any weapon
As weapons bring only tears and loss

I am the Rider
I am very young
And I am afraid of killing
Life has been very kind to me
I have privileges that no one can afford
I have life that everyone dreams off
I don’t want any of this to happen to me
But this is my reality
I can’t shy away from my duty
My tribe expects me to rise up with a bold face
And fight hard to bring home justice
I owe my being to my beloved people
And I will do whatever in my power to support their wishes
Because I am the Rider


P.S. I never thought of writing something out of this draw. A good friend inspired me to bring it to life. And I am thrilled to achieve it. Listen to this brilliant piece of music to feel The Rider.






Zombie, My Zombie!

Oh yeah,
You’re freaking alright,
zombie, my zombie

You got to feel the spark inside,
oh, zombie, my sweet zombie

Or you better stay away,
zombie, my wicked zombie

We should give our all to us,
oh, my zombie, my safety net

It feels good seeing you at nights,
zombie, my evergreen zombie

You’re stuck in my mind like my childhood dreams,
oh, zombie, my obnoxious zombie

The mutual feeling is calmer this time,
zombie, my dear zombie

The weather is pleasant outside
And I don’t need to confess anymore,
oh zombie, my zombie, my zombie


Plot: A middle-aged blues singer, singing a song to her drunken audiences in a bar. “Zombie” here refers to her….Well, I let your imagination decide that 🙂 Do comment on what do you think “Zombie” here means.


I Thought You’re “The One”

In my head, I played with the idea
That you’re a special one
In my heart, I saw
That I emotionally connected to you
I imagined you and I discovering new places
And living a worthy life

Your presence was my sun
Your voice was my caffeine
Your anger brings an unexpected smile
And your calling opens up my closed mind
But your emotionless face frustrated me to the core

You give me kick to travel
You inspire me to build my dreams
You were in my life for a short interval
I wish I’d have shared more memories
I wish I’d have shared more of me
And I wish I have known more of you

When I look back to those weeks
You were a blessing to my life
Will remember you always
Even if are oceans apart
And your name will always be on my lips

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want
Sometimes life has other plans
Sometimes life tells you to give up
And I curse life for what she’d done
But life is beautiful and it keeps on going
This time without you
And I give my best to both of you

In my head, in my heart
You are the person, I wish I’d have
Love is majestic
And I would love to love again


P.S. Inspired by the song “Atlantis” by Seafret.