The Rider

Who am I?
How did I get my name?
What am I here for?
Why do I hate weapons?
What should I do?

I am the Rider
My elder sister gave me this name
She’s the kindest person I know
My tribe people compare the calmness on her face to the night sky
And her glow is more beautiful than the mighty shinning stars

I am the Rider
My beloved people tell me I am here to save my tribe
My father believes I am the child of destiny
My mother thinks I will bring end to these riots
And save hundreds of lives

I am the Rider
I was 4 year old, when I saw people killing each other
I saw swords covered with my brothers’ blood
And arrows piercing through their untouched souls
That day I promised I never pick up any weapon
As weapons bring only tears and loss

I am the Rider
I am very young
And I am afraid of killing
Life has been very kind to me
I have privileges that no one can afford
I have life that everyone dreams off
I don’t want any of this to happen to me
But this is my reality
I can’t shy away from my duty
My tribe expects me to rise up with a bold face
And fight hard to bring home justice
I owe my being to my beloved people
And I will do whatever in my power to support their wishes
Because I am the Rider


P.S. I never thought of writing something out of this draw. A good friend inspired me to bring it to life. And I am thrilled to achieve it. Listen to this brilliant piece of music to feel The Rider.







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