Zombie, My Zombie!

Oh yeah,
You’re freaking alright,
zombie, my zombie

You got to feel the spark inside,
oh, zombie, my sweet zombie

Or you better stay away,
zombie, my wicked zombie

We should give our all to us,
oh, my zombie, my safety net

It feels good seeing you at nights,
zombie, my evergreen zombie

You’re stuck in my mind like my childhood dreams,
oh, zombie, my obnoxious zombie

The mutual feeling is calmer this time,
zombie, my dear zombie

The weather is pleasant outside
And I don’t need to confess anymore,
oh zombie, my zombie, my zombie


Plot: A middle-aged blues singer, singing a song to her drunken audiences in a bar. “Zombie” here refers to her….Well, I let your imagination decide that 🙂 Do comment on what do you think “Zombie” here means.



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