Say Something

Waiting & waiting to see you open your heart
To see your face signing off my lost arc

You said our love is divine
You said we would never fall out
And now you claim we are best when apart

My life has taken a 180-degree flip
It’s cold inside as I can’t feel your warmth
My brain is freaking out as I have nobody to talk
And the days of my life are moving too fast

Without you being closer to my soul
My eyes weeps for your unconditional smile
And those dimples when you laugh out loud

Let me feel the anger you are holding in your blood
Say something harsh because thats what I deserve
I drowned in the words I spoke to you
Can’t take heat of the fire I bestowed upon you

I don’t miss you, I am missing from you
I want to slow down to sync with your fast breath
So let’s catch up everything since our unfortunate split

Stop playing hide n seek and talk
Say something, say something and burn that ego down
Say something, say something and wash away all the old clouds

say something

P.S. To all the lost souls 🙂

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