“She” – The Protagonist

Her brain is big mystery even for her,
someone controls it and that’s not her

It imagined an accident and someone’s death
such is her dream you don’t want to dream

Anxiety and restlessness is what she feels
far from love and affection as you may see

But those things make her hate who she is
and those things drag her, they drag her to the edge

The edge you don’t want to be standing on
the edge that give her the reason to keep herself on

She wants to learn every second of her breath
but her present does make her feel suffocated to death

She fears she may follow an unfulfilled potential
so she is on a mission to prove her belief wrong
and thus she drags, she drags herself on and on

Her mind is crazy and reminds her
time to time that she is the one who is wrong
so you may always find her finding her true wisdom
the true wisdom that seem to be her only love

All this make her mean and choosy
thus she come across as cold and bossy

Let me tell you it contrasts her personality
and she fights hard but sadly she never wins the fight

She doesn’t want to live such a life every day
and prays to god that her enemies have a better way



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