I am not good at starting and ending posts. I spend more than required clock banging my head!! to find right mix of words and phrases. Anyway, this post isn’t about how to start and end, actually my thoughts are completely opposite. One thing I learned in the last 90 days is that Don’t you worry child! heavens got a plan for you. Just kidding!!

It’s a human tendency and pretty normal that we want one clear headed road from start to end. Every one of us looks for one path that could change our life completely. We google steps (top 10, to be precise) to go about doing things in the way they are supposed to be done. And right there, we lose focus. Dreams are good! I am totally into dreaming shit! But at times dreaming is simply not good enough. I guess I am going off-track! So, let’s hit the right the track again.

Some of you must be wandering what-the-hell I am talking about. Well, I am raising the curtains! This is not about “focusing tips” either. It’s about expressing yourself.

I had tough time acknowledging that I am damn! bad, when it comes to expressing feelings, emotions and all that crap! So how do you learn this skill? Wait, I am not starting with my “top 10” ways to express feelings! either. I still struggle.

Talking more! I love artists (you know those singers, musicians, painters and what not) I admire them. I seriously do! Because unless you are confident with yourself you can’t produce magnificent artworks. I am not saying they are perfect but they, for sure, do the job better. I am into artists totally! I love the way singers/musicians express their feelings and emotions though lyrics, rhymes, the way they play their guitars and drums and all the crazy looking instruments and the way they sing! God! They do whatever they do so passionately! It is so similar to listening Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and all the other great orators. Now, I get it that’s why they are “VISIONARY” leaders. They know who they are and thus they have the courage to lead us.

Some of you may ask: how artists lead people? I hate to break this to you! But I need to. Okay, I am ready, keep your ears open. Don’t you start dancing, whispering, humming, and feeling good with the person standing right beside you (who, by the way, is your girlfriend/boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend/workmate/roommate/annoying cousins/remaining-entities, whom you wish you’d kill) that’s an impact they create! That’s amazing! That’s mesmerizing! Mind-blowing. That’s what leaders do. They make us realize a common goal and head us towards it without anyone of us even knowing it.

I love painters/sculptors. I have been scanning through lot of good paintings lately, may be this is a onetime thing or may be not. Who cares! Continuing with the point…one thing that they all have in common is they ask us to observe and learn from the faces, shapes, bodies and systems they depict. They picture dreams, which become inspiration for people, who ultimately turns them into reality. How incredible that is. Fascinating stuff!

To summarize, I want you to project out the artist inside you. The world really need leaders with artistic talents.

P.S. If you are thinking I am high! Then you are absolutely correct! But one catch, I am high on MUSIC tonight. Listening to: I heard you through grapevine by Marvin Gaye

P.P.S. I read this crazy stuff (can’t help I read, watch and write lot of crazy stupid “stuff”) that when you mention the letter “I” often in your writing then you are a self-centered person. And, believe me, I have tried here that I should not come across and sound and look self-centered. If I do, then you are probably right.

P.P.P.S. My inspiration for this post is: X Factor US

P.P.P.P.S. Don’t look for a clear start-to-end path, just do things that matter to YOU.

P.P.P.P.P.S. And please! please! and please! ignore my grammatical errors as I am a decent communicator, who happens to be a bad writer.


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Image source: Quora


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