3 Women: So Far, So Good

Before this topic starts to misguide and gives any wrong impression, let me tell you it’s a serious post. I’m not that kind of person, you know. The 3 women under spotlight are: grandma, mom, and my mentor. So, let’s begin my story: So far, so good, to see how they’ve directed me over the years.


Mom: She is the live example of “NEVER GIVE UP” ideology. Life is tough, be tougher. Inspite of two heart surgeries, she does almost every task at home till this day. Reason: she wants to make herself feel strong and capable of doing everything; totally incredible, I must admit. “Growth” and “development” make up her DNA strands; always going, always improving. She never stops learning. I’m most influenced by her “talk less and set example, if you want others’ respect and consideration” and “prove yourself that you can achieve much more” attitude. My belief in God, kindness and compassion is because of her and her only. She is the most humane person, you would ever encounter.

Grandma: We call her “Daadi” (a Hindi word for Grandma). A very strong, level-headed and straight-forward woman. I came close to her in second better half of my childhood. She never left a chance to provide us her views on society and pushes to pursue an independent thinking, no matter what’s the situation. Though, there are many other countless life lessons but ones, which I respect most, are: “don’t just sit at home; go out into the world, get your hands dirty, live life and learn from it” and “never judge others, even if they oppose”.

Quark mentor: Laveena is her name. I still remember the day I was assigned to her team. She, at first look, seemed very tough headed girl and almost scared the hell out of me (I confessed later on and believe me that moment was fun) But soon realized how good she is at handling people. She always said: set your priorities straight. Sounded funny in 1st year but then that is “the” advice, I always recall in tough times. Motivated me to take major decisions and positions. Now, when I look back, Quark was “the” life changing experience, and credit goes to her.

Well, here comes a bang!
There is a fourth influence too. I haven’t mentioned in the title but she “was” a hidden motivation behind blogging. I found my love for writing because of her (I won’t give any further appreciation :-/ ). Those who know would literally laugh at this one. Hack what! I don’t care much.

Over the years, I learned a lot from them and still trying my best to apply and see them through in life. They hold me firm whenever my back is against the wall and always call for “getting shit together” on not-so-good days. As first phase of my life is coming to an end in few months’ time (engineering), I would like to dedicate this blog post to them, as they’ve given me a purpose.

PS. Quark is my college’s technical festival 😀


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