“Online Grocery Retail” Survey Result

At the end of my previous post on Online Grocery Retail, I circulated a link, for surveying and analysing reasons for buying and not buying grocery online. Though, response hadn’t been so overwhelming as I hoped. Nevertheless, here are results.

A. Reasons for Purchasing Grocery Online

chart (1)

Avoid Traffic 18 24%
Special Deals 8 11%
Better Product Selection 13 17%
Takes Less Time 18 24%
Stick to Budget 5 7%
Save Fuel Costs 14 18%

B. Barriers to Purchasing Grocery Online


Waiting for Delivery 20 29%
Confusing 6 9%
More Expensive 9 13%
Lack of Touch and Feel 20 29%
Products Damaged 9 13%
Can’t use Redeem Coupons 5 7%

Overt insights:

1)  Most of the consumers are from working age group. With challenging and lengthy working hours, heavy traffic problems add more misery, giving them less time to buy right products. Thus, online grocery offers a perfect solution to all those problems. It is also evident from the results, with almost 50% of the participants preferring online grocery just to avoid traffic and reduce time consumption.

2) Less time in hand (as described above) cause wrong or poor selection of products. Therefore, 17% participants are shifting to online grocery to avoid such happenings.

3) Almost 60% participants feel that lack of touch and delivery time could hamper online grocery market, which is very significant and a big number in my view. This provides important info to new players to focus on these two main issues, in order to get good returns out of this business.

Surprising results:

1) Maintaining house budget is a big headache, specially for middle class consumers. Supermarkets and hypermarkets offers delusional schemes. With salesperson, who by the way watching your every move, sometimes present products in a different way, and ultimately consumers end up buying more than required. Online grocery option can prove to be a good solution here. Only 7% participants recognizing and appreciating this, comes as a surprise.

2) Nowadays, many companies are providing its employees thousands of worth of coupons instead of hard cash (as incentive). This gives them opportunity to buy products, without paying any money, in exchange of those coupons. In my view, it can hamper online grocery market profits, but with only 7% people in agreement, I’ve to call it a surprise.


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