The Curious Case of “Tonight”

Plot: Following poem depicts feelings of an individual, who failed to rise up to his own standard and expectations in past few years. Though he’s quite optimistic and believes in hard work but “tonight” is different for him. “Tonight” he’s feeling a bit low. And this is how the individual chooses to express, to get foul ardor off his chest.

Tonight is different

Give me some hope
Feel trapped, like a bird in the cage
Let me open my wings, tonight

Show me some light
The tunnel seems too long, tonight

Loud your voice
I can’t hear you, tonight

Hold my hand strong
I feel wandered, tonight

Let some air come in
I feel suffocated, tonight

Put some ice on my thoughts
It’s burning inside, tonight

My heart is all right
But mind is restless, tonight

Tonight, reminded those old days
When I was crazy outside

Odd feelings would settle, I know
Time is the healer, I know
You won’t come overnight, I know
Perseverance is the key, I know
But when I can savor you again, I don’t know


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