Pointers by Dominic Barton

Last week, I was a part of a rampant YouTube drive [my own creation], revving my knowledge on major business issues. It, not only, retrenched my intern work but also galvanized office bandwidth. It was a fun week as I was less saddle with onerous work. My drive shrouded by Dominic Barton and here are his pointers to the business world:

1) Center of gravity of world’s GDP is shifting back to Asia (North of India).
2) Technology is running at a jarring speed as compared to management.
3) China, Indonesia and India have copious investments opportunities.
4) Ethics among business executives is an obnubilate topic.
5) World is facing an adrift inequality (42% people in Spain are unemployed).
7) Need to shift focus from “Time” management to “Energy” management.
8) Agri-Food has a humongous business potential.
9) Businesses have to study consumer markets as cities not as countries.
10) Infrastructure is a solid motivation behind China’s GDP.
11) Issues related public, private and social sectors are now interconnected.

His advice to future leaders:

1) Take risks to learn resilience (one has to fail a lot to succeed).
2) Chuck out boring aspects of your personality (Be a story teller).
3) Coming days will be about “who leaders are” rather than “what leaders do”.
4) Leadership is about character (it is a muscle and can be build).
5) More successful people have more bad luck. Posturing should be avoided.
6) The more you give (without expecting to get back), the more you get.

Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight. – Henry R. Luce

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