“Rocket Science” behind Team Building [Part-2]

In Part-1 of this series, I looked into “Hiring” process. This post revolves around Decentralization & Coaching.

The word “Decentralization” was first introduced by Peter Drucker. It includes dispersal of employees [based on their skills/attributes] in the sectors like engineering, economics, psychology, management, consulting, and many others.

But the question not lies in what it does but in why we need it? To answer this question, you’d to have a basic understanding of a term civilization. From ancient days, people are living and working together as a group [or civilization]. Thus every civilization had its own culture, values and structure. This shows we love to live with people who share same knowledge, beliefs and thinking. But why? Its simple, having same kind of people around, we feel more confident, we take more risks, and we tend to feel happier. And this altogether lead to more productivity.

Now apply same theory to the question: why we need decentralization. If employees having same skill-set, attributes and thinking process work together on a day-to-day basis, they will learn faster, understand each other much better and their productivity would be much, much higher. For that reason only, we have teams within a team i.e. dividing a project into several small tasks. All working simultaneously but differently, which not only saves our time, and money but also ensures us better quality. Therefore, managers must carry out decentralization keeping above explained fact in mind.

…..Now, what next? Coaching!

Well! you hear this word quite often in sports but in business world, its not that popular. Lets look upon reasons behind its unpopularity:

1) Firms are too mainstream i.e. they invest money/time on customers/products to get ahead in competition [not to mention, all the time], thus they left with less or nothing to see what their employees are thinking/doing.   

2) Managers are too bossy to involve with their team at personal level.

3) “Who gives crap about development, it would happen automatically with time. I want money. It satisfy me.” attitude of employees.

4) “My firm is making money, employees earning profits and most important of all I’m getting riches” attitude of managers.

These are some of the problems we all face while leading a business. But think for a second, if your people are not competent enough how you gonna survive in a long run. To my knowledge, it’s a manager’s job to look upon his/her team members’ shoulders. Managers have to step-up and do what they have to do.

1) Follow a parent-child ideology [spectate when they talk, scold when they go off the mark, go out for a dinner to know what’s going in their lives, arrange tournaments to know how they react to stiff opposition, push them hard when they take things too easily].

2) Get ready a feedback mechanism to review how good they had perform over last 3-4 months [Remember! give them a good amount of time to prove themselves].

3) Ask them their opinions on matters you think they are too young to handle [you may be amazed].

4) Starting mentorship programs, seminars, etc. are okay. But also carry out some sort of survey to see whether your spending is on right track or not.

Before I end, just want to add: DON’T neglect the importance of coaching as it is a stepping stone for success not only for an organization but for your country too.

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