The Source

Inspiration….something that you need at every stage of your life. Some are internally inspired, for some it comes from the people they met and for me…to be very frank I really don’t know, I don’t know who all were and are magnet to my pieces of inspiration but I would never forget two, the most important source, till date in my life. Those two had an everlasting effect on my doings. First is Pankaj bhaiya and second Ramanan Sampath, he was my senior. They never said big words, but somehow they gave what really is needed to get motivated. Such magnetizing personalities they have, can only admire. Now I want to share how they inspired me. At first about Ramanan….

“Ramanan” as delightful as the name. Met him in my first year after I got selected for “Quark Controls”. I still remember I was sitting with all the selected students, all other co-ordinators came, explained the work we are gonna do and went. At last, he came with a big smile on his face. He spoke just for 5min, but not only he spoke, he came he saw he delivered. That was the first time I saw anyone so confident in his/her approach. He always has a pleasant personality both during and off the work. His approach taught me how to be a professional yet playful, to be straightforward & still right all at the same time. He always gave chance and used to put faith in his juniors which I think is most important when you are working in a team, irrespective of how capable you think the person is, as he/she may turn out to be better than you. Because of all this, I owe my professional ethics to him to a great extent.

Now Pankaj bhaiya….

“Pankaj” as soft & fresh as a “lotus flower”, totally in accordance with the name. I don’t know from where I should start, though didn’t had lot of time with him but still whatever time I had, I was always thrilled by his elegant presence. He is like “Roger Federer”, have you seen him playing those mesmerizing and elegant shots? that’s how my brother is, totally flawless. His presence has always taught me how to be hard from outside and soft from within, to speak less and only when required, to believe yourself, to have a long vision and to respect everyone’s ideas even when they mean nothing to you. So many more things about him but I am short of words now.

I am very sure it has happened to you also. But sometimes we tend to ignore these things but they matters and not only matters they define where we go and what would be our destination. So whenever you feel like today someone has taught me a lesson…wait there, pause for some time and think over it. It may or may not help but either way there is nothing to lose so why so much hurry in life, have patience,  its a long journey and a long way to go.


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