“Mother” a word, that defines the meaning of care, love, affection, teaching, and inspiration, and without any doubt, a word with many, many meanings which can’t be said and written. Everyone loves her mom so much that they can give away their life for her. On the other hand she would take care of everything you need and the smallest things you can forget. She would wake up early in morning so that you can go to school on time, will not eat until you eat, would remain awake in nights with you during exams so that you can concentrate on studies. She do so many sacrifices, sometimes its hard to believe, how one can do so much for you. I don’t know about you but my mother really surprise me by her devotion. She really is a SILENT GUARDIAN, and a WATCHFUL PROTECTOR.

The following I dedicate to my Mother.

I will rise from my ashes once I die, will born again to the mother I love. Can’t pay back what you did, but can only pray you continue to live. I promise, as long as I’m there, you will never see any tears, I love you the most as you are the mother everyone hopes.


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