Favorite Lines From Movies

Death….death can seem like a dream but seeing death really seeing it makes dreaming about it fucking ridiculous, may be there’s a moment growing up until something comes back, may be, may be I, all i know i begin to feel things again & wherever i was i knew there’s only one way back to the world and now is to use the place & talk.

– Girl, Interrupted

In any war there are calms between storm, there will be days when we loose our faith, days when our allies turn against us, but someday will never come that we forsake this planet and its people.

– Transformers 3

Being a warrior is not just strike your opponent down with a sword, is finding good reason to draw your sword in the first place.

– Immortals

Lives all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever but what if one day we can no longer remember any of them.

What if some years of life just disappeared the next day you wake up??

– The Vow


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