Agonized Memoirs

Some memories are really hard to get away with, they are “Slow Poison” which breaks our soul each day until we cruised them to begin a new journey. It reminds me few lines from a song “One Love” by “Blue”. The lines are “It’s kinda funny how life can change, can flip 180 in a matter of days”, perfectly filling the voids in the emotions I want to express. But somewhere down the line they remain in our heart forever. They keep us intact, and stop us from behaving in same old fashion. To end its neither good nor bad, and nothing less than a undefined mystery for us to solve.

Following are two such short poems, in the first one a lover is expressing emotions after a long break and in the second a boy showing his anger after being forsaked by his friends.

After a long break, today we crossed our paths again. Though saw only a glimpse but the past reappeared once again. Neither a friend nor a foe, but still admire her the most. Seeing her, even for a blink of an eye is a blessing in disguise for me & déjè vu for all of you. I hope the time will come when we are no more mere strangers, when we will be as close, as far we are today.

The time is changed, its no longer the same, some has shown they really are insane. Those who were saying hey i m your friend, now say behind closed doors, you are nothing but a joke. Now its time to re-think the way i think, re-look the way i look, re-choose the friends i have and re-hope, they sooner or later would realize that they were wrong and i was right.


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