Unplanned Thoughts

Lonely roads, pale street lights, heavy clouds, stop signs & to add no friends, a dark life. Sometimes somewhere it happens but someday & for sure you will see yourself walking with your friends on a clear sunny day on those lonely roads giving you various directions to go.

Having an eye on something doesn’t make that yours, having something doesn’t make that yours forever. Sometimes you can chose when to have it, sometimes when to leave it but most of the times both come to you without a doorbell so till the time it is with you use it precisely & wisely.

These days life seem to be a book, so many things to write but running out of pages, running out of ink and running out of time, it’s changing so fast, can’t make out what is right and what is wrong but one thing is for sure, it will change my life forever. Sometimes awkward things inspire you so much that its hard for you to believe and the only thing you can do is HOPE..hope..hope.

You have two choices in life, either believe in so called destiny, be satisfied & continue to think the present is for a better tomorrow or have courage to dream, dare to think beyond what others feel what others think. Dare to sketch your own dreams and turn them into a reality tomorrow. BUT for some its neither, for them the whole notion of life is an abstract ready to be written and forgotten….

Some people have to learn & some have to wait their turn but that doesn’t imply they can’t win. Its just a matter of time they reach to the level they desire, so if you are among them then believe and cherish who & what you are and time will tell you what you really deserve.


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