“Today I again did a silly mistake in my exam, damn!!” how many times do you hear & use this very line ??

I think very often, don’t you. The core of the mistakes we do is our own behavior and attitude. For instance if someone is hasty he/she would do all the things in a rush thus missing out some very important directions and would end up doing so called “silly mistakes”.

In the same example, the person will also rush through daily life things like eating, playing, reading, talking etc. He/she would eat fast, would take decisions while playing without a second thought, will read fast and end up mis-judging words and would talk speedily. Though all these things are small but they do reflect who you are. After exams and all, only because of such behavior and attitude you end up saying “I again did a silly mistake”.This is just one example there are many other which could show this fact.

So what I suggest to all those who are having trouble is to relate the mistakes you do in exams with your daily life habits, i bet, you will definitely find some common pattern. Try improving upon those things first and I am sure, then you would never have to say “I again did a silly mistake”.

Mistakes make you cry, Mistakes make you feel caught, Mistakes take away all fun But Mistakes are the one which make you learn


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