Manchester Anguish

9th December 2011, marked one of the biggest shock in the world football as ManUtd saw the exit from Champions League Group Stages. As a very big long-term ManU supporter its hard to believe, how could they can do such thing to all fans like me, really very disappointing. Pundits say its all because of the wrong tactics by SAF but i think the blame should go to all the recent injuries the team had. With Cleverly, Anderson injured i can’t see any creativity in the midfield from Carrick and Fletcher. Now to add Hernandez out for month, Young for atleast a month and the biggest setback is Vidic, out for the whole season. I think SAF should rely on young guns like Pogba n all and should atleast give them a chance to show their talent.  But still i am very optimistic about ManUtd this season and dedicate following lines to them.

Out today but will come strong again, will show to all that we are not weak as its just a phase, so don’t just mock as might be tomorrow for you all. We are young but clever with small & jones forever, don’t forget…we are still 19 & running and who knows if things go well after winter we can be 20 and counting.


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