3-1 Memories

3rd year 1st semester..no doubt the most important 6 months. Some have over performed and some under achieved the targets they had set, but I can’t even say either. For me 3-1 was nothing but a bag full of mixed emotions, was on lower side in terms of studies though I excelled in other aspects.

It was good in the beginning, was e’joying new subjects, new concepts. Test 1 went pretty good considering the time I spent studying, but suddenly lost interest, and the whole focus shifted to Quark (was important too at that moment of time). Few days passed, and one of the professor to my surprise called me, he was worried about me not coming regularly to classes, had 45-50 minutes interaction, the best I ever had with any professor till date, certainly very inspiring specially when he told me “You should end 3-1 is style”, but as many greats have said “External Inspiration is nothing but lust” which remains but falls soon after. Nevertheless I started with my classes again, and were going on pretty good but as usual with me nothing goes good for too long, in the first week of October decided to leave. Was tough decision though, but not accepted by my pals. This was, in a way good to get the interest back. Next came Test 2, was good with some and bad with others. I somehow managed decent marks in all subjects, in a hope to recover in compre (Final Sem Exams). Everything was going on very well until Waves (Cultural Festival), when I got interested in…, lost next few days getting it settled but after no outcomes, took some time to get over it. After few more days came compre, the preparation was decent enough to get decent grades but as many greats have said “You can’t win over time and destiny” I lost in style.

Overall, a semester to remember, lost few and learnt a lot, which I am pretty sure will help and as many greats have said “Future is what you learn is present” I am very optimistic about road ahead.

 To all my friends who didn’t performed the way they wanted…

Someday sometimes things don’t go the way you have planned but that doesn’t mean they will never, wait…wait…you will definitely see a perfect day a perfect time when everything will fall into place for you and only for you…don’t lose hope as my grandpa once told me “Hope is good thing, may be best of things and no good thing ever dies” . Try to focus on what you really want in life and don’t just blindly follow each other, and don’t ever try to step in someone’s else footsteps as you might end up going nowhere.


One thought on “3-1 Memories

  1. Every sem starts with a bright light and ends with us taking li8 😀

    “You can’t win over time and destiny” I lost in style. … nice one 🙂

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